186 Mount Haren Road, Kuranda QLD 4881      Phone: 07 4093 7684         info@thebillabong.com.au
I f    you    are    looking    for    the    ideal    location    for    your wedding   in   Far   North   Queensland,   look   no   further   than The   Billabong.   Tucked   away   on   165   acres   of   private property,   The   Billabong   is   perfect   for   wedding   parties of almost any size. Make    your    day    a    day    to    remember.    Here    at    The Billabong    your    special    day    is    limited    only    by    your imagination.     Down     by     the     billabong,     against     the backdrop   of   the   natural   rainforest,   this   truly   is   a   unique and    unforgettable    venue.    Picture    the    calm    tranquil waters    of    the    billabong,    the    luscious    green    World Heritage   listed   rainforest   and   the   rustic   wooden   saloon with   timber   deck   stretched   out   over   the   water;   it   truly is a slice of heaven on earth. WEDDING CEREMONIES Celebrate    your    wedding    ceremony    in    the    beautiful Paperbark     Parklands     as     the     sun     sets     over     the billabong,    or    amidst    the    tropical    Billabong    Gardens with   the   kangaroos   looking   on.   The   Billabong   Saloon Deck   with   its   outback   feel   makes   an   ideal   back   up   in wet    weather    and    offers    peace    of    mind    should    the weather change. Customize    your    big    day    and    make    it    truly    unique. Amaze   your   guests   and   add   an   element   of   surprise   by arriving    at    your    ceremony    by    4WD    H1    Hummvee Hummer, horseback, ATV quad bikes or helicopter.
  RECEPTIONS & PARTIES       Entertainment,   catering   and   theming   options   are   endless   and   can   be   tailored to   suit   to   your   tastes   and   requirements.   With   a   commercial   kitchen   on-site,   catering   options   at The   Billabong   range   from   spit   roasts,   wood-fired   pizzas,   and   BBQ   buffets,   to   elegant   canapé style dining and formal plated dinners. Our   fully   licensed   bar   is   open   until   midnight   with   extended   licenses   available   on   application.   Let us stock the bar with your favorite drinks in preparation for a celebration to remember. Onsite accommodation and camping facilities. 4WD   Hummer   or   6WD   Military   Truck   Tours   –   thrill   rides   add   an   element   of   excitement   to   your celebration.
& Private Parties say yes!
Your Special Day at The Billabong A perfect hideaway from the busy every day life.